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A daily(?) twist on each days activivites by Bob!
UPDATE 3/17/5:
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Montgomerys -- another reason to celebrate....with fish and chips!
    Today Bob was back on the job ....he was up and asking for coffee and breakfast at his usual 5:15 am time--even when the rest of the family was sleeping. The boys, Mom and Dad went to the British Columbia Natural History Museum...can you imagine that Melayne stayed in the suite for that event. They enjoyed looking at the native history and looking at the totem poles all around them, while Bob enjoyed watching other tourists from the comfort of the van's front seat. What a learning experience. Dad stayed home and napped and the rest of us went to see the flowers at Buschart Gardens. What a beautiful sight! We can only image how beautiful the flowers will be in a couple months. We all five had different salmon dishes at Chandler's -- Mamie's was the best....Maple Crusted Salmon--Steve had Terry Basil Sauce on his salmon, Matt had Salmon Oscar! Dad tried the Salmon fish and chips and that was delicious, too! He skipped the martini tonight and had a pinky raising experience with 4 cups of hot tea. Tomorrow will be a better day for all.....Daddy promises to be back to his humorous self (we will believe it when we see it!)....he is off to the casino in the morning with Queen Elizableth's money from Canada--lord knows he likes QUEENS!!
UPDATE 3/15/5:
What's the big fuss?
    Not sure why everyone is making such a huge fuss about Canadian food. All that I've had is dry toast, chicken broth, water, Gatorade and something from a bottle that looks like Kapectate. Not sure what it is--the label is in French. Bon Appetite!

Bob's Almanac Archives:
(should read Abilene Girl Weds Oil Baron Heir)
(Andrews, Texas--November 1955) In an informal ceremony in the evening of November 22, Miss Olna Lee Winfrey became the bride of Robert Arthur Montgomery at the Means Memorial Methodist Church in Andrews, Texas. (Actually, we married in the parsonage of the church. We had planned to marry on Wednesday morning the 23rd but found out that most of my freshman students were planing to skip school and crash the wedding;. Since we already had the license, we just got our friends together and went to the preachers house Tuesday night)

For her wedding, the bride wore a tailored suit of aqua imported British tweed with a tailored blouse of white imported silk shantung. (This was actually an outfit which Olna had had for several years which had been bought for her by her mother) Mrs. Cecil Gerber, matron of honor, wore a tailored suit of light blue shantung with black velvet accessories. (Once again, this was Mrs. Gerbers usual Sunday dress/ Other attendants were Mrs. Charles Compton (who was pregnant with Chip at the time) and Mrs. Patrick McNair (the church organist)Click for Close Up

Best man was Cecil Gerber and groomsmen were Charles Compton and Patrick McNair/.(Actually, Chuck took pictures of the ceremony. as he was the only person at the wedding who had a slide camera and knew how to use it.)

After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Gerber entertained with a wedding dinner in their home for the wedding party. (Actually, we had Mrs. Gerbers famous chicken spaghetti-- the same recipe that had raised money for the Methodist church robes through after home football game sales!!)

(Then follows data about our education and employment; nothing spectacular.)

Following a wedding trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado (we actually went to Midland and Fort Worth), the couple will be at home in Andrews where both are employed by the Andrews ISD. The bride teaches elementary school public school music and the groom is director of student activities and teaches history in the junior high school. (Addendum: we really never planned to go to Colorado Springs but it made a good story. We had to sell my '53 Chevy to have enough money for our trip to Midland and Fort Worth, plus pay the rent on our honeymoon cottage -- 24 x 24 shanty with floors that the sand came up through during sandstorms. We moved into our first home in March 1956 on my GI Loan.We used Olna's 54 Bel Air Chevy as our family car until we could afford another one.)

(P.S. The bride cried throughout the wedding. Maybe she was smarter than anyone knew.)
Wouldn't You Know It...

All it takes is for the Montgomery's to come to Seattle...and the following things have occured:

  1. It's supposed to rain all the time in Seattle...and they're experiencing their worst drought since 1977.
  2. I stayed awake extremely late last night (9PM Texas Time...7PM Seattle Time), and I missed a fireball that flashed over Seattle and landed in the Pacific Ocean.
  3. I also slept through a 3.3 Earthquake (or it may have been my snoring registering on the Richter Scale)
  4. There was a major power outage in Seattle.

Now, I did expect to be treated well on our 50th Anniversary Trip, but didn't expect for the earth to move and a star to appear in the East.

Lord only knows what will happen today.

A New Discovery in our Hotel Room...

Our Seattle hotel room had in it a weird looking appliance, that's purpose was unknown. We read the instructions and found out that it was a "Dream Machine" which was designed to help insominacs go to sleep. This machine really isn't needed by either myself or Olna, but we thought we'd give it a try.

The directions said to insert the CD into the machine, play it, and it promised to put out soothing noises that would help us to sleep. The soothing noises on our CD happened to be rushing water going over a waterfall, I think... I can assure you that the running waterfall water did NOT help me go to sleep...however, I do think that it led to multiple late night/early morning trips to the restrooom...

While on the subjcet of the restroom, Melayne snuck in from her Austin flight at 11PM (well past my bedtime). She came into the room under the cover of darkness, and had no idea of the room's size. She said this morning that she was sure that the room was enormous -- she heard me shuffling to the "facilites" on one of my waterfall trips, while she was trying to get to sleep. I guess I took about 60 shuffle steps to cross the room, and she gathered the room was miles and miles across!

This morning, Melayne awoke at 5AM to the smell of Old Spice (or something else expensive...British Sterling, Old English Brit, or Old Smelly Sterling...) She was afraid that a Mary Kay salesman had accidentally slipped into the room, but it was only me preparing for our day in Seattle... Olna asked if I took a bath, I said "No, just used a little smellum".

Once we began our trip through Seattle, we went to the Space Needle (after a brisk 4 block walk that turned out to be more like 6 or 8 blocks!). We took the monorail to the Needle, after a short walk, we ascended the elevater to the top. It was so clear this Morning that Melayne, Steve and I could see all the way to Canada (Mt. Baker) They went outside on the Needle's deck, but I decided to stay inside. A sweet lady offered me a chair because she thought I looked bushed, she was right! Olna and Matt refused to participate, opting to shop instead.

Then we went to Pikes Place Market and saw the most beautiful flowers (mainly daffodils and tulips). There were no sweet ladies there to offer me a chair, so I sat on a steel rimmed trash can, until an old lady hit me with her crutch and told me it was "her spot". The aroma of the flowers was dented by the smell of the fresh (?) fish. Olna and I came back to the hotel with an 80 year old cab driver, that didn't know how to use the brakes...he had a little trouble going up and down the hilll (so did we, which is why we used the cab). The cab was about a 1957 Ford Crown Victoria and had lots of room in it. Here's a picture of me after Pikes Place Market... preparing for dinner Click for Close Up(Mind you, I'm catching up from yesterday..thought I had turned my ankle... later thought it might be my knee... now think it's my groin...anxious to see where it hurts tomorrow after today's activities):

Melayne decieded to reinact the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" by attempting to lose a contact in Stabucks...and star in "Eyeless in Seattle", instead. I bet she felt like Alejo felt when he lost a lens to his eyeglasses between Artesia and Hobbs. Good thing the Starbucks cashier was able to interrupt a story about her boyfired to say "Ma'am, I think your contact is on your cheek", before going on with her longwinded story. Good thing she saw it, though, Melayne says or she would be in glasses for the rest of the week.

I recovered from my respite and had a big dinner at the Cheesecake Factory -- now I'm ready for bed... Tomorrow we become Canadian toursists...but, for now, I must take out my teeth!

Variations on a Theme...
  When one travels to Mexico, they must be aware of contracting "Montezuma's Revenge". Leave it to me to discover the Great Pacific Northwest's version...pending FDA approval, I have named my new ailment: "Sacagawea's Revenge". I debated to be more graphic in the description, but had more pressing things to take care of. I promise to be 100% well on Tuesday! Until then, remember my advice: Don't let anyone put you on a motion-sickness inducing boat trip from Seattle to Victoria, if experiencing Lewis & Clark's (and now Dr. Bob's) "Sacagawea's Revenge". Now, would someone please pass the Di-gel?




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