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Steve and Matthew
Back to Honduras!
June 28th through July 6th
Let us know that you're along for the ride... All of our "usual" email addresses will work (well, except for ones ending in balloonideas.com -- we refuse to check our work email!) We'll try to answer your questions between snorkels, trips to the Mayan Ruins of Copan, coconut shrimp and lots o' lobster!
Internet and Electric Power can be "spotty" on Roatan, so if we don't communicate or update the site too often...stick with us! We'll update the site as often as we're able!
Our photos will be available in daily "Photo Albums" shown below. Check 'em all out...that is, if we can upload them!
We'll try to update our Roatan Blog with random thoughts, experiences, dining delicacies, snorkeling sights, etc. daily, as well!
Why in the world did we choose Roatan? It chose us...we're coming back to visit our friend, Victor Bodden (www.boddentours.com). More info on him, and our friendship here.
Where in the world is Roatan? Click Here for a map!
We're staying at the Mayan Princess Resort in West Bay, Roatan, Honduras, Central America, etc. Also, we'll be visiting the Honduran Mainland for the first time...with a couple of days in La Ceiba and a trip to the Mayan Ruins in Copan.
Click on the images shown on our site for a "Close-Up" view!

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So, How's the Weather??
Click Here for Tropical Satellite Loop
(Honduras is the country located almost due south of Alabama in the center of the box bordered by Longitudes 90 and 80 and Latitudes 10 and 20. The island of Roatan is the small island just north of the mainland of Honduras.)

or, Click Here for Honduras Radar...
(click on Satellite under Animated for radar in motion)



bullet Tracking Information on our Flight to Roatan can be obtained by clicking on the small arrow in the info-box to the right!

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to Houston (will show up once we take off from San Antonio): Click Here

bullet So far, we've really loved the treatment at the Continental President's Clubs...in both San Antonio and Houston. Who knew how many nice things were behind those "exclusive-looking" brown doors in all of the airports we've been in! I'm glad to see what nice amenities all those rich-folks have been enjoying...and we're getting our fill, since we don't plan on shelling out the $500+ annual fee to join these li'l gin-joints! The free food and bloody marys have been great, though...and, yes Mamie, I did have an extra one in your honor!

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to Roatan (will show up once we take off from Houston): Click Here

bullet We've arrived... Victor, Mallory and Shelsie met us at the airport and we headed directly to the house. Janeht had made Matt's favorite Pollo y Coco (Chicken and Coconut), rice, beans and corn tortillas. YUM! We went and walked around Victor's "new project" -- all I can say is it looks pretty fun! Of course, it's only laid-out with rope right now...the cable will be strung later. Yes, the project is a new Zipline...right behind his home on family property. We sat by the new souvenir shop and admired the new animal cages, fences, public restrooms, etc. They've done a lot in the past 6 months...truly amazing! Victor shared more great stories of growing up in Sandy Bay...and how only one person had electricity so it was SOOOO dark coming home from friends, family or the store each night. Naturally ghost stories were always shared...and Victor said many times he walked the dirt road home in total darknes...in tears...as the moonlight played strange games with his senses upon the surrounding trees and plants.

bullet Checked in at the Mayan and hopped in for a quick swim. One Salva Vida, then off to bed. We have to be on the ferry for La Ceiba at 6:30...and Victor says their family is always the last one aboard!

bulletTHANK YOU, MOM!!! for taking care of "The Girlz". Don't let those single ladies get you in any trouble!!! We are looking forward to seeing how fat a greyhound can get, when we return! If they put on too much weight, YOU have to pay for their Curves membership!



Flight Status
San Antonio to Houston
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 1505
Depart 9:20am
Arrive 10:16am
Flight Status
Houston to Roatan
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 1864
Depart 1:00pm
Arrive 2:47pm


bullet A bizzy, bizzy day! We met Victor at 6:15 (surprise, surprise...on island time!) to rush back to the house, pick up 5 freshly-showered ladies and zip to the ferry for the 7AM ferry service to La Ceiba on the Mainland!!

bullet Luckily, the ferry was packed...and there was a long line to buy tickets, so we made it with plenty of time to spare. All of the upstairs seats were full, so we had to sit downstairs. The ferry is very similar to the one we took in Alaska for our up-close visit to the glacier...except this one passed out sea-sick bags. Victor (and STEVE) both fear sea sickness, so Dr. Matthew had the sea-sick electronic watches ready to go. For those that have never tried them, they send a shock every few seconds to the nerve in your wrist...this nerve somehow tells your brain that all is well, and basically just to "get over it!". Both Victor and Steve made it through the hour-and-a-half trip with no problems. Dr. Matthew saves the day again!

bullet La Ceiba is a big city...and there are actually stop lights and lots of traffic! There are Burger Kings, Pizza Huts, KFC's, Popeye's, Wendy's, Dunkin' Donuts, etc, if that gives you a better idea! Victor got us downtown to the Paris Hotel with no problems... We locked things in the safe and headed to Water Jungle...a Splash-town type water park with tons of slides and water fun for all of us.

bullet After a long day at the water park, we headed to the mall for dinner. Steve treated everyone to Applebee's! Their first time to visit there...they loved the boneless Buffalo Wings, the Stuffed Chicken Breast and Rib-Eye Steak! But, the favorite by far...the Triple Chocolate Meltdown for dessert... Victor took a load of us home after dinner, since we were all so worn out! Angie was the first to poop out in the van ride to the hotel, then Mallory...and I'm sure Victor went right to bed when he got to his room... Steve was in bed by 8:30 if that tells you anything (Janeht, Bianca & Shelsie are still shopping at the mall...and will return by taxi!) I'm headed to my bed just as soon as I get done with "this"!

bullet We have decided to head to Copan tomorrow (a 5 hour car trip on Honduran Highways...yikes!), so that we can spend more time learning about the Mayan culture and exploring the dwellings and tunnels beneath them. I can hardly wait...after reading more about the Copan Ruins, which just recently were opened to the public...I can hardly wait to get there, take a bunch of photos/videos...and then bore everyone with them when I get home! On that note...I'm sure I've bored all of you...so goodnight and manana from Copan, Honduras!


bullet Wow...what an intersting drive to Copan. Pineapple Farms, Palm Tree Farms (where they harvest the fruit for Palm Oil, etc), Coffee Plantations...and beautiful mountainous scenery everywhere.

bullet The Mayan Ruins at Copan are amazing. We're heading back tomorrow to spend time in the underground exploration tunnels where we hope to learn alot more about these magnificent people. Enjoy the photos... It has been a long day and I'm cutting it short.

bullet One quick note... Copan is a definite Vacation Destination! Climate like Ruidoso (cool with daily showers), GREAT coffee from local roasters, cobblestone streets and very reasonable food/lodging. We all had steak tonight...with soup, sides, drinks, etc. for around $11 per person (and that was HERE at the hotel!) Our room is much more of a resort-type room than we are used to -- and it was only $70 per night. Yikes...it beats any Fort Stockton La Quinta at the same rate!

bullet Honduran Tipico for breakfast at 8, so I'm turning in! Photos of the city of Copan and views from inside the exploration tunnels manana!

bullet Here is our hotel, Hotel Marina Copan, while in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Plus, added a few more pictures into the Saturday gallery...of the home improvements at Victor's house.

bullet The tunnels under the temples of Copan were amazing! We had a wonderful older gentleman that told us all about the ruins and then escorted us through the tunnels. I was truly amazed at every turn. What a fascinating civilization -- way beyond it's time...the tunnels were cooled with outdoor air, passing over stones to chill the air...they had drainage for showers...and the carvings are magnificent! I could literally spend a month or more here just taking it all in...what a wondeful life experience. I hope to return someday and spend more time -- sorry, but it's really just amazing...

bullet I can't wait to read more about the Mayan rulers and their civilizations. It seems each ruler would build on top of the previous rulers temple... There were huge stones in the courtyard that you could tap your foot on...and it sounded like hollow wood -- it was merely a "cap" over the previous ruler's city. There are miles and miles of tunnels within the temples (and connecting them underground) that they are still exploring...what a wonderful job.

bullet The trip back was fun...until we hit the rain. It was the heaviest rain I've ever seen, plus driving in Honduras is not quite like driving in the States. We had to wait for two herds of brahma bulls to clear the road, we passed thousands of bicycles, pedestrians, and livestock walking on the roadway. There were tractors, mule-team driving wagons, and US school buses which have been converted to the public transportation system. Passing on the two-lane road is a harrowing experience...but, luckily Victor is truly an expert. We all had a good laugh when getting to our hotel in La Ceiba -- how we had seen it all: cows, dogs, bicycles, people, fruit vendors, buses, tractors and wagons...and if that wasn't enough, we were presented with monsoon-like rains and darkness! Boy we were happy to get to La Ceiba...and check in at...are you ready for this??? LA QUINTA!!! (Keep your excitement to a minimum, it's not "that" La Quinta...but, we got a good kick out of it!)

bullet The ferry for Roatan leaves at 9:30AM and 4:30PM...we sure hope we're on the early one! I think it's time for a Monkey La-La on the beach!


bullet Sunshine in Roatan? YES!

bullet Well, time for the "Same Song/Different Verse" blog... I'm worn out today and am finishing a few comments and heading to the bed! Steve drew the short straw and is getting the pull-out couch for tonight -- I'm just going to enjoy the "real" bed and giggle everytime Steve complains tomorrow!

bullet Well, we made it to the ferry "just in time" and got a prime seat up top. We thought it was prime seating...but the ferry's deparature was delayed and it was VERY hot with little air circulation. We made it through and the ferry took off. Victor hates the trip back to Roatan by ferry, since you are heading right into the Gulf of Honduras currents...he said today's trip was calm compared to most. Well, everyone on board thought otherwise... it was just nasty! Luckily, nobody in our group or area became ill, but we knew it wasn't going well when one of the crew grabbed a bag and let 'er rip over the stairwell. Egads! What were we in for?

bullet Good News, it was pretty much over as soon as it started...and we arrived in Roatan with no problems. I must go back a few days to let you know our menu after dining on delicious Pollo Y Coco made by Janeht on the first night. In La Ceiba, we ate at a cafeteria featuring tortillas, frijoles, plantains, etc. all cooked various ways a la Luby's! Very unique experience...and quite tasty, too! That night, we had Applebee's! We ate at Wendy's for lunch and pineapple off the side of the road on the way to the Ruins...had the best steak ever that night at the Marina hotel. Then ate roasted corn and steamed corn with lime and salt (from a highway side stand) and a full bunch of bananas (maybe 60 on the stem?) from a stand a few hours later. Upon arrival in Roatan, we ate at Pizza Inn! Lord, what has Honduras come to??? I'm sure we'll be back in the "homemade" cooking mode again tomorrow...at least I hope so!

bullet After pizza, we headed back to the hotel. (By the way, one of Victor's "ace" guides, Ben, picked us up at the Ferry...what a nice and genuine man!) We walked the beach and sampled the local cervezas at the Infinity Bay resort, where we talked with the owner of the resort (we'd met him on our "First Class" trip via Continental) On the way back to the Mayan, we stopped for some fresh mango daiquiris (they chopped the mango into the drink..YUM!), then went for a swim. The crystal clear water off West Bay beach and chilled-water swimming pool at the Mayan Princess really were refeshing!

bullet We grabbed a water taxi and headed to West End, a quaint village of shops and restaurants. Both Mamie and Mommy have gifts coming from "Waves of Art"...Mamie's in a small box...Mommy's will have to be shipped to Ruidoso! Oh my, susprizes are so much fun! We returned via water taxi to the hotel with our loot...and then walked down to "Bite on the Beach" for a tasty dinner (Matt had Lobster with Blue Cheese and Sun Dried Tomatoes... Steve had Shrimp with a fresh Pineapple sauce) We're fat and happy...Steve is back at the pool, so I'm getting in the bed and throwing his pillows on the pull-out before he tries a "two out of three" arrangement on sleeping accomodations! Hasta... Oh, Victor will call at 9AM with maybe the girls coming over around 10AM for a swim?!?

bullet A wonderfully relaxing day at West Bay beach... Nice and sunny with a beautiful breeze as the sun set. The Bodden family joined us for an evening of swimming in the clear waters of West Bay...and then a lot of fun in the Mayan pool. Once darkness fell, the whole group strolled down the beach to Banarama, where we feasted on Coconut Shrimp, Chicken Strips and Hamburgers! YUM!

bullet Early morning tomorrow...Victor's picking us up at 7:30AM -- a cruise ship arrives at 9AM and we have to pick up the zipline supplies that arrived by freighter this morning. We're also going to try and get some pictures of shoppers at Janeht's souvenir store and of the tourists and the monkeys (for his website). I guess this will qualify as "work" and make the whole trip a write off on next year's taxes?!? I don't see why not!

bullet H-a-p-p-y B-i-r-t-h-d-a-y to Steve...looking jus' fine at Forty-Nine! I heard they were shooting fireworks in your honor along the East River of Manhattan?!

bullet Steve had a great birthday... We started the morning enjoying the beach...and having coffee and breakfast at the Mayan's breakfast bar. Victor picked us up and we were off to get some photos of the visitors to his monkeys (for his website). There was a quite a bunch that came through....and everyone left very happy! The newest little monkeys are just so loveable...and of course the spider monkeys are still sweet as ever.

bullet Janeht prepared us the most delicious roast, which I will have to get the recipe for...along with her "better-than-Matthew's" mashed pototoes, fried plantains, frijoles and delicious rice. As per usual, Matt had two plates full...Lord, how fat can he get in one week?!?

bullet We did a litle shopping at Yaba Ding-Ding in Coxen Hole, bought some fruits and veggies for later and picked up some fun things from Palanca, the local wood carving expert! We picked up our final package from Waves of Art in West End. I'm glad we emptied 2 pieces of luggage when we got here...we're going to need ALL that room, and more to get home!

bullet We made a few gift purchases at Janeht's new gift shop at the homestead, and Victor and the boys headed to the beach for a while. After a nice sunset, we headed back to the Bodden home and went "up the hill" to Victor's mother's home. All of her children were together for the first time in 5 years (2 daughters came in today...one from Cozumel, one from St. Thomas, VI), so we sat on the porch enjoying stories of them growing up on the island. It was a real treat for the two outsiders from the US...but Victor's mother beckoned us up to the porch of her house and said, "you are part of our family, and I would like to invite you into my family home to share dinner with us. Mi casa es su casa" It was quite an honor coming for the matriarch of such a fine and loving family.

bullet We ate a great meal prepared by the mother, daughters and grand daughters: Pollo y Coco, Mashed Potatoes, a chicken tamale...and then crab soup, which we both feared. We asked for a small bowl, since we both dread "fishy" tasting seafood. Out came two huge bowls with 9" long land-crab pinchers sticking out of them. I thought I was going to die...there are holes all over Roatan, literally, and we were going to eat these nasty creatures. Alas, we both took a spoonful...and it was DELICIOUS (made with Coconut Water, straight out of the coconuts out front). The daughter from Cozumel, Louella, showed us how to bite the crab leg to crack it, then use the huge pincher to dig out the meat. We finished off with a great cake made by Lillian, Victor's sister, called pumpkin cake. Everyone seemed intrigued as to why Americans carved up pumpkins, put them on their porch, then threw them away...I agree now that I have tasted this wonderful cake! Forget Jack o' lanterns, I'm going to make cake!

bullet Steve sez "Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings, I'm going to relax in the pool" ... Some things never change!

bullet ...and the days dwindle down to a precious few...

bullet No comments here...or on the pix. Too much packing to do! Enjoy the photos from West Bay beach, West End and Steve's Surprise Party (AGAIN!) He's so lucky!!!


bullet Tracking Information on our Flight back to Houston (boo!) can be obtained by clicking on the small yellow arrow in the info-box to the right!

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to Houston (will show up once we take off from Roatan): Click Here

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to San Antonio (will show up once we take off from Houston): Click Here And I must say, if you're so bored that you have to stay up until midnight tracking our flight home...I feel jus' a little sorry for ya'!!

Flight Status
Roatan to Houston
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 1895
Depart 1:10pm
Arrive 4:54pm
Flight Status
Houston to San Antonio
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 579
Depart 10:52pm
Arrive 11:50pm
Click for Roatan, Honduras Forecast


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