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Use the links in the left column to see NCL Sun Facts, our Ports of Call and daily Activities onboard the ship. We'll be posting photos daily, as well as copies of the "Dailys" and daily menu information. There are links to our different ports at the bottom of each of the pages, too!
**New Menus and Freestyle Dailys Added on June 8th**
Be sure to Click on "our" pictures (and most of the WebCams, too) for "Close Up" pictures. Trust me, you'll want to see the "BIG PICTURE"!!
Norwegian Sun
May 26th through June 4th, 2006

Friday/Saturday, May 26th/27th
Seattle, Washington
**New Photos Added on May 27th**

Depart Saturday, May 27th at 4PM

Sunday, May 28th
Cruise the Inside Passage
**New Photos Added on May 31st**

All Day

Monday, May 29th
Ketchikan, Alaska
**New Photos Added on May 31st**

7AM to 3PM

Tuesday, May 30th
Juneau, Alaska
**New Photos Added on May 31st**

7AM to 2PM

Tuesday, May 30th
Tracy Arm Fjord/Sawyer Glacier, Alaska
**New Photos Added on May 31st**

2PM to 8PM
Wednesday, May 31st
Skagway, Alaska
**New Photos Added on June 1st**
7AM to 5PM
Thursday, June 1st
Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
**New Photos Added on June 2nd**
4PM to 9PM
Friday, June 2nd
Cruise the Inside Passage
**No New Photos...check out Webshots**
All Day
Saturday, June 3rd
Seattle, Washington
**No New Photos...check out Webshots**
Arrive at 7AM
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Ladies and Gentlemen...Tonight's Featured Performers...
OK, it's just us!

NCL Sun Bridge Cam






British Columbia


Our Picks for the Best of the Best!
(Table #31 & 34 in Four Seasons)

Click for Close Up
Click for Close Up
Daniella from Romania
Alaska reminds of her the mountains around her home in Transylvania...she joked about how the pine trees smelled "just like home", but other crewmates thought she was crazy!
Eliza from The Philippines
A college professor working on her masters in the Food and Beverage industry. She's also writing a book...I hope our horrible table manners aren't mentioned in it!
Click for Close Up
Jonalito from The Philippines
This guy should be a stand up comic...we laughed so hard one night, we were afraid the Captain would have us walk the plank! He's also a huge basketball fan...and we enjoyed discussing the "thug" players vs. the "team" players. Thank goodness he was a Spurs fan, or he might have made our "Worst" list!!!



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