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Bob & Olna's 50th Anniversary!
bullet UPDATE 3/17/5: A full day...Matthew, Steve and Olna went to the BC Museum of Natural History and learned about the First Peoples of British Columbia. Bob went along for the ride, and enjoyed watching the current settlers of British Columbia as he waited in the car. After MORE shopping, we headed for Butchart Gardens (Bob passed, but enjoyed the time alone, we think!). It was beautiful...and we can only imagine what it looks like when all of the budding plants and flowers are in full bloom! We loved seeing all of the flowering trees, the many shades of tulips and thousands of daffoldils. It was truly awesome! We had a wonderful salmon dinner upon our return...and Bob actually joined us at the table! What a treat! Melayne steps in for Bob's column today...his creative juices have stopped flowing...must have something to do with the immodium.
bullet UPDATE 3/16/5: The groundhog came out of his hole...The Prince of Victoria was finally "de-throned"..."Heeeerrre's Bobby"..."Ladies and Gentlemen--Sacagaweia has left the building" However you'd like to say it, we were rejoined by Dr. Bob today! Click for Close UpHe helped us find our way to the Fish & Chips after a tour around Victoria! Be sure to check today's Fiction and Fact: Bob's Almanac for details! We had a windy and wet morning (for a change, this had nothing to do with Bob), but after chasing patio chairs around the sundeck, we were able to relax until the sun broke free of the clouds. Of course, all could not be perfect...Matt had a "crick" in his neck -- leading Olna to remark, "Next time we go on a family trip, I'm going to bring my Nurse costume!" New photos (click for a close-up of each one) on the Victoria page -- past day's photos are in the Photo Gallery.
UPDATE 3/15/5: Golfing, Eating and Shopping were on the schedule today. All were accomplished with little fanfare... We've got new photos of the golfing, some of the food and more boats posted! Past days photos have been shifted to the photo page, so stop dilly-dallying and catch-up with the program!
We made it to Victoria and enjoyed watching the harbour activities all afternoon -- be it a silly seal, a float plane, or any of hundreds of boats! Be sure and check Bob's account of why he's missing from all of the "First Day in Victoria" photos -- while you're at it, go ahead and check out the photo page to see what he missed!
We went to the Space Needle and Pike Place Market and had a wonderful time! Be sure and check Bob's account of today's events, photos of our time in Seattle, and a rundown on our dining excursions! YES, Bob did go to the top of the Space Needle...but, keep in mind, Olna had lots of pretty flowers to see at the bottom, so she missed the elevator!
Well, we ALL Arrived safely...and starving! After a quick 'freshening', we headed to Von's Steakhouse for dinner! Forgot the camera, so no pictures, but it was a wonderful meal! Had a terrific waiter, that had some sobriety issues (it was his last night working there)...but, he made us feel welcome...and we left Fat(ter) and Happy(ier)! Pikes Place Market and the Space Needle Sunday!!! Bob has assured us that he will be up at 6AM, the rest of us told him to have a nice time...we're sleeping in!
Check out "Fiction & Fact: Bob's Almanac" for Dr. Bob's spin on the events of the day.
As you click through the site (using the buttons to the left, or bolded links below), you can click on our family photos for "larger images"...an excellent way to see if we're actually smiling, or just faking it!
The plans are made, the reservations paid for, and we're off to the Pacific Northwest! All are ready... except, we're still hoping Alejo finds a way to sneak away for the trip...will this public peer pressure help? Only time will tell!
Seattle is our "bookend stop" -- 2 days there before the journey to Canada and 2 days after we return. Check our official itenerary to see where we'll be!
A week in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada...flowers for mom, casinos for dad! Shopping for Melayne, Cold Brews for Matthew and Fish & Chips for Steve. A perfect trip, dontcha' think?!
Travel plans include plane changes in Las Vegas, both directions! We're hoping to hit it big to pay for the trip either coming or going (or both???) We do have Bob along, so the way he hits on the slots...Anything is Possible!
Sorry for those of you looking for cruise pictures! We do travel from Seattle to Victoria on the Victoria Clipper, so that counts...doesn't it?? If you're a Cruise Critic member looking for NCL information, please use the "Other Cruises" link to the left!

Be sure to check this site daily... we'll be posting lots of fun photos and information on our trip! Click on the links for additional photos, our itenerary and tidbits of travel info, food selections, etc.! The links to the left will have information about this trip, as well...including what we've seen and had to eat! With our "robust" and energetic group, these descriptions may get quite involved!!! Look to our Eats -n- Treats link to see exacly how robust we've become!

Most importantly...let us hear from you! New "cruise-only" e-mail addresses for each of our Motley Crew, as well as onboard contact information.


For a quick-skip to Anniversary Vacation Photos, Click Here!

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The 'gomery's enjoy an Anniversary card (and slot machine "food") from David Egenolf & Family.


Click for Close Up
Olna at the hotel in Victoria.


Click for Close Up
Melayne and Matt in Seattle.


Be a Stowaway on our trip!
Let us know that you're along for the ride... Please email us! We'll try to answer your questions as we go along! If you've been to Seattle or Victoria before...let us know what to see, eat, experience!
If you want to see where we've been, where we're going, or just don't care much about anything else (and want to quick-jump to our itenerary)...click below!
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