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About the NCL Dream:
bullet The Norwegian Dream's keel was laid on June 3, 1991 in France.
bullet The ship took 2 years to design and 17 months to build (approximately $243 million dollars).
bullet Diana Ross christened the M/S Dreamward on November 6, 1992 -- her maiden voyage was the Western Caribbean.
bullet A two month project in May, 1998 stretched the M/S Dreamward in Bremerhaven, Germany. A midsection of 133 feet ($69 million) was added and she became the Norwegian Dream. The midsection increased capacity by 40%.


M/S Dreamward

Fore, Aft and Mid Ship
in Three Pieces at Lloyd Werft in Germany.



NCL Dream

More Fun Facts:
bullet Gross Tonage: 50, 764 -- Length 754 ft/Width 93.5 ft/Height 164 feet
bullet Draft 22 feet -- Average Speed 19 knots (maximum speed 21 knots)
bullet Anchors: 2 forward (weighing 8.7 tons each), 1 aft (at 4.3 tons)
bullet The NCL Dream consumes 1100 gallons of fuel per hour average, but don't worry -- fuel capacity on board: 1150 tons (or 475,561 gallons)
bullet During the stretching, the ship's funnel (smoke stack) and radar were hydraulically equiped, and can be "flipped" when passing under bridges (such as those on the Kiel Canal in Europe)

Fun on Our Cruise:
bullet The Chocoholic Buffet was Friday night... The biggest and best of all of our NCL Cruises, sez Steve!
bullet Great day in Cancun... We all headed separate ways: Matt and Melayne went to Isla Mujares (Avalon Beach Break and Shopping Excursion), Frank/Lillian/Dorothy went on a glass bottom boat tour (Nautibus Excursion), and Stacy and Terry got shooed off Vicente Fox's private property...after sneaking into Club Med (NOT a ship-sponsored excursion!!!)
bullet Happy Thanksgiving to our Family and Friends!! We had a still, drippy morning...and had cancelled our Snorkel Excursion to Ambergris Caye (mostly due to the bad Cozumel "dump-in" snorkel) We each did a little different thing in Belize today. From ATV to just shopping! Fun, but hot and humid! Maybe next time we'll try the snorkeling -- there were plenty of tours available at the shopping mall on the port.
bullet Words cannot express how wonderful our trip to Roatan (hosted by Victor Bodden) was (www.boddentours.com). We saw all aspects of island life...some not so great, some things good, most outstanding! Above all, we saw the faces of the Roatan people -- the hope in their faces and the joy in their eyes as we met them. How long has it been since you saw children of all ages on street corners waving to those who passed? If it's been too long, head to Honduras! Then, Lillian's Birthday at Le Bistro!
bullet Got in to Cozumel an hour early, half went shopping and half headed straight to Paradise Beach. Some of us had an snorkel excursion several hours later...not nearly the excitement that we had anticipated... But, we survived, and are more tan than when we left Texas!
bullet Updates on Daily Activities, we're having fun... And claiming Lots of $$ from the casino (well, some of us!)
bullet Images from the ship while we're At Sea.
bullet Dinner Menus and Cruise News from the NCL Dream (new, larger images?)
bullet Cruise Day in New Orleans!
bullet Saturday in New Orleans!
Get ready for the lifeboat drill, and check out the Ports of Call. Click on the New Orleans link for a live photo of our ship (on each Sunday), or At Sea to see a live image from the front of the ship as we cruise the Western Caribbean. Check back for updated pictures of Cozumel, Roatan, Belize and Cancun, too!
There are lots of Activities and Excursions, both on-and-off the ship. See up-to-date images of what we did each day...new photos and comments will be uploaded nightly.
It isn't easy being glamorous...but, we'll give it a try! Please look through our Photo Gallery -- pictures onboard and on shore!
Forget the ship, forget about us, forget about where we're going...all you REALLY care about is the food! Honestly, so do we! Take a quick look at the Menus, some of the food and the Freestyle Daily from each day onboard the NCL Dream.
We love to cruise...Here are some images from each of our past cruises
But, most importantly...let us hear from you! New "cruise-only" e-mail addresses for each of our Motley Crew, as well as onboard contact information.
bullet ALL of our Dream Vacation photos (from 4 cameras!): Webshots Dream Photos


Click for Close Up
The Norwegian Dream docked in Cozumel...taken 30 minutes before we left for Roatan!

"Live" Deck Cam Image from the Dream
Refreshes every 7 minutes, or so.
NCL Dream Ports:
[ New Orleans ]
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