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Norwegian Dawn -- September 11 - 18, 2005

Sunday's Ship Photos ONLINE HERE! A beautiful ship...arrived a bit late from the trip "around" Hurricane Ophelia. This afternoon, the Captain will be having a special memorial for the 9/11 vicitims and heroes. Tonight, we're dining at Cagney's Steakhouse...and yes, we were already eating Fish & Chips 15 minutes after stepping onboard!


Monday's Ship Photos ONLINE HERE! Plus a few listings of the food that made us "miserably happy" at Cagney's (and copies of all menus!) ONLINE HERE!


Pictures from the NCL Dawn Garden Villas ONLINE HERE! This suite is over $10,000 per person in the brochures...an amazing place! Monday was great at Le Bistro...and, yes, we're stuffed silly again! Details of Le Bistro can be found ONLINE HERE! A very special thanks to Claudio, our Concierge...he was gracious enough to spend about an hour "just talking" with us -- he was interested in our lives, and was happy to share some of his with us. He's a real asset to the NCL family!

Tuesday & Wednesday...The Bahamas! C'mon pretty momma! We're here, we're here! We arrived Tuesday at 8:30PM and will stay until 8PM on Wednesday. After our great dinner at Salsa last night, we decided we'd give it one more go tonight! Did we enjoy it? Find out ONLINE HERE.
Thursday: Miami Beach ONLINE HERE! We loved South Beach, but what's up with this heat and humidity?? Definitely have plans to come back here to visit! But, we'd have to schedule a nap every afternoon -- we're just gettin' too old for this!
Most importantly...let us hear from you! New "cruise-only" e-mail addresses for both of us, as well as onboard contact information.
Most images on this site ('specially the ones of ME!) are "clickable" for a close-up view!

About the NCL Dawn:
bulletThe Norwegian Dawn entered service December 2002.

Gross tonnage: 92,250
Length: 965 feet
Width: 105 feet

bulletKim Catrell (Sex in the City) christened the ship in New York City.
bulletMaximum Speed: 25 knots
Passenger Capacity: 2224 double occupancy
Crew Capacity: 1126


Click for Close Up
Nowegian Dawn
Click for Close Up
Sad that she couldn't go...Cleo was "Ready to Go" to the Bahamas (sporting her Hill Country Annie "original" ship-card lanyard)!
ITENERARY CHANGE NOTED BELOW... REVERSE ORDER...Follow the links below!!! So, we'll be sailing East to almost Bermuda before heading South to the Bahamas! I guess we'll be rockin' and rollin' 'round Ophelia this evening and tomorrow en route to Nassau! Pass the seasick patch for behind the ears, please...and where is that "Sea Band" anti-motion sickness zapper watch? Look for it in the upcoming photos from tonight! As dad might say, "I hope it jiggles some of the slots loose, so they'll pay more!!"
Click for Close Up
The Dawn and New York City

Click for Close Up
OK...this is it... Our LAST photo (til we're back in New York City). Thanks for following our voyage...it's been nice to have you along for the ride!
Now...Bring on Ophelia...she's been really "nasty" waiting for us...but, we're not a-scared...
More updates when we get back to good ol' NYC!

Thanks again, we've had a blast!

Click for Close Up
Our Stateroom is located directly under the ship's bridge. The "jutting out" of the bridge is above our balcony...
Click for Close Up
Our balcony is on the other side of this balcony's
partition. Notice the larger windows just beyond...
and the ship's bridge just above!
Click for Close Up
Location of our Stateroom #10500 circled (Actually, we're located in the "mirror image" of this cabin, but couldn't find a picture showing that side of the ship!)

NCL Dawn Bridge Cam
The Balcony of our Stateroom #10500
is Located 2 Rooms to the Left of this Camera
NCL Dawn Links:
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