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Stacy, Brian, Steve and Matthew
Back to Honduras...in Search of Thanksgiving Turkeys!
November 22nd through November 29th
Let us know that you're along for the ride... All of our "usual" email addresses will work (well, except for ones ending in balloonideas.com or aiwnet.com -- we refuse to check our work email!) We'll try to answer your questions between snorkels, Bianca's graduation, coconut shrimp and lots o' lobster!
Internet and Electric Power can be "spotty" on Roatan, so if we don't communicate or update the site too often...stick with us! We'll update the site as often as we're able!
Our photos will be available in daily "Photo Albums" shown below. Check 'em all out...that is, if we can upload them!
We'll try to update our Roatan Blog with random thoughts, experiences, fishing trip results (Brian & Stacy!), dining delicacies, snorkeling sights, etc. daily, as well!
Why in the world did we choose Roatan? It chose us...we're coming back to visit our friend, Victor Bodden (www.boddentours.com). More info on him, and our friendship here.
Where in the world is Roatan? Click Here for a map!
We're staying at the Infinity Bay Spa and Resort in West Bay, Roatan, Honduras, Central America, etc.
Click on the images shown on our site for a "Close-Up" view!

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So, How's the Weather??
Click Here for Tropical Satellite Loop
(Honduras is the country located almost due south of Alabama in the center of the box bordered by Longitudes 90 and 80 and Latitudes 10 and 20. The island of Roatan is the small island just north of the mainland of Honduras.)

or, Click Here for Honduras Radar...
(click on Satellite under Animated for radar in motion)

Click for Close Up
Live Webcam from Roatan from Coco View Resort


bullet Tracking Information on our Flight to Roatan can be obtained by clicking on the small arrow in the info-box to the right!

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to Houston (will show up once we take off from San Antonio): Click Here

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to Roatan (will show up once we take off from Houston): Click Here

bullet THANK YOU, MOM!!! Remember, don't spoil Cleo and Alika (Ha...as if you'll pay attention to this written warning!)

bullet We're here...but exhausted! Up late last night packing, then up early to catch the plane...only a one hour connection in Houston, so no time to sit and relax! Once we arrived (the last ones off the plane!), we claimed our luggage and were whisked to the Bodden Estate!

bullet Stacy and Brian got a good lay of the land, seeing the monkeys and other animals...Matt and Steve were excited to see the girls! My, they've grown!!! Janeht had us a nice meal of beef, mashed potatoes, rice and beans. YUM! All the while, there was an AMAZING cake on the counter for Bianca's graduation event...it was made my Richard's wife (Richard owns the glass bottom boat that we "hopefully" will go on to do some snorkeling later in the week!!)

bullet Victor rushed us to Infinity Bay... The room is gorgeous, overlooking the pool. We got dressed in our graduation clothes (no gowns, we've all been there, done that!), wrapped the graduation gifts, and were whisked back to the Bodden Estate! I would not be lying if I told you that about 100% of us would've been happy just skipping the rest of the day and crashing. We were all just so worn out!!

bullet We all made it, though! Picked up all the girls and Janeht and sped off to Bianca's ceremony. We got there after it had started, so we just watched through the windows...it was packed! Steve sneaked down the main aisle to capture some cute pictures of the graduate, but the rest of us were ready for a nice chair!

bullet Victor took all four gringos to Gio's to get situated for the party. It was a great time with LOTS of family, friends and loved ones in attendance. We had a Mayoral candidate, a preacher, several of Victor's guides, and many other familiar faces...old and young! A great time... Great food with some of that wonderful Roatan garlic coconut bread, chicken, veggies, etc. Then cupcakes...and finally the big graduation cake. Good Stuff!

bullet Bianca brought us to tears with a Spanish thank you -- for coming all the way to see her graduation and how much it meant to her to be loved in such an enormous way. We caught a lot of what she was saying...and definitely knew the gist from her emotion...but then the locals chanted for her to say it in English. Well, that was about all it took! She is such a wonderful young lady and really made us all feel so loved and welcome. Victor offered a toast to the graduate and welcomed Brian and Stacy into the family...

bullet Back to the Infinity Bay Resort loaded with leftovers, sleeping children, and exhausted Americanos... Steve took a quick walk down the beach and reported that the surf is higher than he's ever seen it... You can actually hear breakers, which are virtually non-existent normally... Sounds like no fishing on Sunday if the sea is still churning, but sure we'll have some fun times to report! Will try to update the captions on today's photos, as well!

Flight Status
San Antonio to Houston
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 178
Depart 10:40am
Arrive 11:36am
Flight Status
Houston to Roatan
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 1404
Depart 12:50pm
Arrive 3:35pm


bullet All's well...We'll catch you up later when we get a chance! In a nutshell (with details to follow)...Matt and Stacy LOVE Java La-La's (a Monkey La-La, except with a double shot of espresso...Ah, breakfast), Stacy and Brian kicked back and started getting used to Island Time (forget Jet Lag...the transition to Island Time from Corporate Time is much more harsh), Matt and Steve went zipping after a day of sugar cane...and more food and cake!

bullet Everything is good...and Brian's transition to Island Time is going OK. He still reaches for his cell phone when an island breeze blows against his thigh... The doctor's advice: "Two more Salva Vida's and call me in the morning!"


bullet Well, after fretting about where we would do laundry, we decided to do a little breaking-and-entering! Our unit had a nice utility closet with another door inside, which was protected by a combination lock. We were sure that was hiding a washer and dryer... Brian took a look and discussed the options with Steve. Thankfully, before the plan was implemented, Brian walked across the hall and pulled open another closet (that NONE of us had looked in, but walked past dozens of times!) Inside, a nice working, washer and dryer! See, what would we do without Brian?

bullet Very early morning wake up call for fishing (actually the resort phones are out today, so we had a 7AM knock on our door from Victor). Enry picked us up at the Infinity Bay dock for some real excitement! The seas were VERY rough... Matt, Victor and Steve lasted about one hour (and only one tuna caught) and demanded heading to shore for breakfast at Half Moon Bay. After breakfast, Stacy, Brian and Enry caught a couple of barracudas and another tuna -- but mostly just caught the waves! We're all sore from butt-bouncing fun on the boat...but were very thankful for dry land!

bullet After the boat, we enjoyed a nice sun-burning on the beach and by the pool. We were joined later in the day by Mallory and Shelsie who loved playing in the ocean with Steve and Matt. Off to Victor's for Janeht's famous balleadas...and then back to IB for a well-earned rest.

bullet This morning, we walked the beach and explored the various resorts/amenities up and down West Bay Beach. The weather was a bit overcast, but our tans (or our REDS) continue to deepen in color!

bullet After a few hours of relaxing on the beach, watching the cruise ship folks from the NCL Pearl wander about, we headed to Victor's to play with the monkeys. They were so cute. Koki is as friendly as ever...although he had a bit of a tail injury from a run-in with Pancho (please refer to previous blogs from other visits about Pancho details...a real mess!) Brian really enjoyed the monkeys...and the monkeys really enjoyed Stacy's hair, camera, glasses, etc!! A great time!

bullet Then time for first-time ziplining with Stacy and Brian. Although they appeared a tad timid on the outsided, they were soon (VERY SOON!) doing the upside down monkey, twirling, and other "daring" feats of skill and talent on the ziplines! We had a BLAST...and may try to zip one more time later in the week! Heck, they even inspired Matt to turn upside down with no hands a time, or two. But, remember Newton's law...an object in motion, stays in motion...LOOK OUT BELOW!!!

bullet We had a great meal of sugar-blackened chicken, rice with coconut milk and beans, mashed potatoes and boiled green banana. GREAT food... Oh...and don't forget the hot corn tortillas! It was another great Janeht meal...she's just the best!

bullet After a bit of afternoon recuperating at the resort, we headed to dinner at Pizza Inn. Good pizza, wings...and Banana Soda! You just can't go wrong with that combination!!


bullet Today we're all going our own ways... Steve and Stacy to the Spa for a few hours... Mateo to the Bodden's to greet ship passengers from the Carnival Valor (crazy ship, Victor says)... and Brian is just going to see what trouble he can get into! After the spa day, Steve will head to the Bodden's ...and Stacy back to see what Brian has planned! We can't wait to compare stories (and MORE PHOTOS) at the end of the day!

bullet The day was GREAT! The spa trips were wonderful, hot stones, coffee grounds, aromas and mud! Who knew all of these could be combined for such a relaxing experience?!

bullet The cruise ship passengers packed Victor's zipline and monkey business. The parking area in front of his house was full of tour vans...and everyone was having such a great time. Steve ended up working in the store, taking money for the ziplines and monkeys. Matt took a few photos and sold water and sodas. Everyone was busy with a job! The day was nice and sunny....well, until the very end when the skies just opened up. The last few groups on the zip came back SOAKED...but VERY happy!

bullet Miss Bianca fixed the boys some lunch which was delicious...and then off we drove for a quick visit to Coxen Hole, then back to the resort. During this time, Brian and Stacy enjoyed their time walking the beach...shopping for souvenirs...and having a nice hamburger on the beach. They said the beach was packed! It's always fun to see the crowds swell...then disappear back to the ship. Crazy dynamics of a cruise port, I guess.

bullet This evening, we had lobster and coconut shrimp on the beach. It was amazing...the stars were out and we watched the lights of the departing cruise ship slowly vanish into the horizon. A beautiful meal...and evening...capped off by a walk all the way down the beach looking for crabs and laughing at the events of the day.

bullet Brian had to be at the dock at 5:30AM for Enry's arrival in the boat for a morning of fishing. He returned about 4 hours later with a nice sized barracuda, which later served as a rather large "appetizer" for our group before burgers on the beach.

bullet Victor loaded the family up and took Brian, Stacy, Matthew and Steve on a short tour of the island. We visited the Iguana Farm, Parrot Tree Resort, as well as several of the villages along Roatan's coast.

bullet We did a little grocery shopping and had fun seeing the various American foods scattered amongst the Honduran branded items. At dinner, we introduced the Bodden's to Pace Picante Sauce...it was a definite hit with all the girls. Victor thought it would be good with the fried plantains, or served with pastilitos...so maybe we have them hooked!

bullet Dinner preparations was comical, as we had to go visit the chef at the resort for a nice, sharp knife. We also had to raid the bar of some salt and pepper. But, we had the most important ingredient...Barracuda from Brian! While the fish and plantain were being prepared for the oil, the girls opened their Christmas dresses...of course, they were all so happy and strutted around "modeling" their new clothes! Something tells me they will be wearing the new outfits very soon!

bullet The barracuda was GREAT...and we all wished there was more. But, we headed down to the beach for some great burgers, chicken strips, and french fries! It was really a great day and we were thankful on Thanksgiving Day to be spending time with our Roatan family.

bullet Friday...Matthew and Steve went snorkeling with the starfish near Blue Channel in Roatan. The skies are beautiful and clear, so we hope the weather holds long enough to get in atleast one good snorkel experience on this trip!

bullet Pictures with the Starfish now online...unbelievable experience! One of the best times I've had here...plus, another great meal made by Janeht!

bullet Tracking Information on our Flight back to Houston (boo!) can be obtained by clicking on the small yellow arrow in the info-box to the right!

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to Houston (will show up once we take off from Roatan): Click Here

bullet A direct link for the "Live-View" map of our flight to San Antonio (will show up once we take off from Houston): Click Here

Flight Status
Roatan to Houston
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 1865
Depart 4:30pm
Arrive 7:24pm
Flight Status
Houston to San Antonio
Continental Airlines
Flight CO 1479
Depart 9:15pm
Arrive 10:13pm
Click for Roatan, Honduras Forecast


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