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Food, Food and More Food, and the NCL Freestyle Daily:
bullet From elegant French bistros and Italian trattorias to sushi and tapas bars, and more, there’s a different dining option for almost every night of our cruise.
bullet Sunday Night at Cagneys we had: Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Oyster Rockefeller Casserole, Crab Cakes with Aioli Mayonnaise, Spinach Leaf Salad, Fillet Mignon (Matt), Lamb Ribs (Steve), Salmon Steak (both!), Garlic Mashers, Broiled Tomatoes, Steamed Asparagus, New York Cheesecake and Apple Tarte Tatin. Best of All: Terrific Service by Svetlana & Iolanda...amazingly sweet to the two of us ogres!
bullet Monday Night at Le Bistro we had: Two orders of Escargot each, French Onion Soup, Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese, The Fire Star (a combination of Beef, Lamb and Pork cooked to perfection, then set ablaze--literally--tableside), a Lobster Tail each (as if the previous mountain of food wasn't enough!) and, of course, the Famous Chocolate Fondue! Again, the server was outstanding -- one of the best in the business, and on his third contract with Norwegian... From the Phillipines, a HUGE "Thank You" to Ernesto!! You're Awesome!
bullet Tuesday Night at Salsa we had: Enchiladas, Guacamole, various salsas...Burritos...but, we'd like for you to know -- WE ARE FROM SAN ANTONIO!!! We expected the worst (fake Guac, lame salsa, etc.)...but, this place knew how to COOK! The most outstanding Tex-Mex food...well, this side of Tex-Mex! Two BIG thumbs up from two Texans on the flavors, presentation and service from: Melinda (hostess with the most-ess), Glen and Jennifer (waiters beyond compare!) Thanks for Everything! You guys really know how to serve up that Tex-Mex!
bullet We've also knoshed at the poolside BBQ! Yummy hot dogs and burgers...and had Breakfast in the Garden Buffet... Very tasty! We're confused how they kept Fried Eggs "perfect" in the buffet's chafing dish?!? And, you know we like those Fried Eggs!
bullet Breakfast at the Venetian is wonderful and a great way to start your day. Don't be afraid if one of your favorites isn't on the menu, they can usually accomodate you! We LOVE Eggs Benedict, and have ordered them each day we've had breakfast -- often not on the menu, but they haven't balked yet! And, man...if you like Eggs Benedict, these are AMAZING... like two golf-ball sized poached eggs topped by a delicious hollandaise sauce. Yummm, is it time for breakfast, yet??
bullet The NCL Dawn Freestyle Daily is delivered to the our stateroom each evening. It offers a daily plan to guide us through the many ship activities.


Click on the links below, for mouthwatering menus, and our NCL Freestyle Dailys:
Dinner Menus
Freestyle Daily

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Suite "Perks" left by Carmen, our butler on the Norwegian Dawn:

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