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Food, Food and More Food:


Today we tried the extremes...Junk Food to Salmon! A trip to A&W for an icy cold mug of Root Beer turned into a burger & fries frenzy! Click for Close UpFor dinner, Bob finally was able to go to dinner with us (and not sit in the car)! We had salmon -- each a different style -- and man was it good! Olna had Grilled Salmon, Melayne - Maple Crusted, Steve with a teriyaki & herb sauce, Matt's had shrimp, crab meat and a hollandaise sauce...and Bob had his breaded and deep-fried. Yes, I guess he IS back to normal!


OK, OK...So, you're tired of hearing us talk about Fish & Chips! Well, only one or two more days left, so you only have to read about it one or two more days! Today we ALL (yes, that includes Bob!) went to Barb's Place for Fish & Chips. It is a floating houseboat type restaurant -- it was a bit chilly, but the F & C soon warmed our bellies! Click for Close UpHere's a small order (about $5US) -- be sure and check out the Photo Gallery for a demonstration on the best way to eat F & C by Melayne and Olna! Oh, yeah, we've enjoyed eating the hotel's "freebie" continental breakfast each morning, as well. Steve guards the fresh baked muffins, scones and other goodies!Click for Close Up


There are literally restaurants everywhere you look in Victoria....it's going to be tough, but we're trying to hit each one! We've had Fish & Chips twice (once Cod, once Halibut)...and both have been outstanding. Click for Close UpMelayne had an awesome Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with an espresso BBQ sauce. We've also been sampling the chicken wings at a place across the street from the hotel, "Sauce". The Habanero wings were tasty, as were the crushed black pepper and sea salt. Click for Close UpWe found a great pizza place that serves by the slice, for when we're in the snacking mood. Their pizza is on a cake-like whole wheat crust with unique toppings -- Matt's favorite (so far) Pesto, Red Onion, Pineapple and Feta Cheese. YUM! We did locate Barb's Place (picture shown to the right, and have decided to check out their Fish & Chips soon!)

The Cheesecake Factory was our stop for dinner. A word of advice...there is more surface area on the plates, than on the table! We had never seen such big servings in our life! Here's a snapshot of what is left from 2 of our dinners (remember, there are 5 of us, so imagine how much we had to eat!) Click for Close UpDelicious, from the salad to the desserts!! Matt, Melayne and Steve "huffed and puffed" up the hill back to the hotel -- Bob and Olna "chickened out" and took a cab (this cab driver liked the Spurs, because he and Manu Ginoboli were both from Argentina. Please see Bobs' News - they both share the same groin injury. Except Manu got his injury driving down the lane for a basket, Bob got his shuffling to the john listening to the Dream machine)!
For breakfast/lunch, we visited "Three Sisters" down by Pike Place Market. We had breakfast sandwiches with fried egg, avacado, sundried tomato cream cheese, monterrey jack cheese and sprouts on focaccia bread. YUM! Click for Close UpOf course, we also visited Starbucks (there are "one or two" in Seattle!) and had Toffee Nut Latte's... gotta love it! And the scones were out-of-this-world, sez Bob!
Von's Steakhouse in Seattle: 8-Thumbs Up! As soon as we were seated, a piping hot skillet of cornbread was placed on our table. After a day of Southwest Airlines peanuts and Ritz Crackers, the cornbread quickly vanished! Known for thier $3 Double Martini's, we had to give them a try...a definite taste treat! Olna said the schooner of Iced Tea was wonderful, as well! For dinner, each had a different item from the menu: Hot Tom Open-faced Turkey Sandwich, Roasted Pork Loin, Slow Roasted Sirloin and Prime Rib. Each meal was served with wonderful mashed potatoes...and a pickled cabbage slaw. No surprise that the boys finished their plates...but even Olna had a sparkling clean plate at the end of the meal! It was all wonderful...and the Mountain Apple Crisp topped with real Ice Cream (made from 100% Cream) sent us all over the edge (the warm Chocolate and Butterscotch Sauce-covered Brownie didn't hurt much, either!) I wish we had brought the camera to take pictures of the food...all presented like a work of art, and the dining room, where every square inch of wall and ceiling space is covered by beer taps! Melayne got a few scraps of leftovers for her late arrival from Austin, but she said it was good...even cold!
Victoria has the second highest number of restaurants per capita in North America.
Oh My! This is going to be fun!




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