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Victor Bodden with Matthew and Steve. He is just amazing! Showed us every bit of Roatan, an island that he is proud to call home. Having been born and raised in Roatan, Victor was excited to show off his home country, and he did a wonderful job! I would highly recommend Victor to anyone and everyone... (www.boddentours.com)

Since meeting Victor, he has become like a long-distance brother to Matthew, Melayne and Steve. Matt made his website once he returned from Roatan, and since then Victor has gone from a "One Man Tour Guide" to a company with 30 drivers. He has lots of vehicles, too...even 40 passenger buses, when the need arises!

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Map of Roatan
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Live Picture from Coco View Resort in Roatan, Honduras...
Updated every 30 minutes, or so!

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras - 2004
Wednesday, November 24th
bullet Christopher Columbus discovered the Islands in 1502 while on his fourth voyage which at the time were occupied by the Paya Indians. During the next century, these fertile islands were used to provision Spanish galleons.
bullet Billed as, "One of the very last "undiscovered" islands of the Caribbean..."
bullet Now that we've discovered it...look for lots of photos and information!
Our entire Crew will be touring with local resident, Victor Bodden. He has promised a full day with lots of information on Honduras, Roatan and the Bay Islands... Although a poverty stricken country, Victor has let us know that he is awfully proud of his home...and he's looking forward to sharing it with us.
bullet We, in turn, are looking forward to sharing it with you... Come back soon to see pictures and lots of information on this beautiful Island.

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What's Terry up to now?
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Mamie loved the children in Honduras!

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Ship Wreck Beach

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Beautiful Roatan...has it all!

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Where we docked in Roatan.
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The family at Half Moon Bay.
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Now that's what I call Coconut Shrimp (from Half Moon Bay).
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Ship Wreck Beach.

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Victor, our tour guide, and his family.

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The Dude, Frank, tries out the Roatan waters.
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Matthew and Steve go for a Snorkel (with Terry) in Roatan.

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Mamie wishes her classes were as good as this school!

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Sea Fan and Reef.
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Aquarium? Nope, the reef in Roatan, Honduras.
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Coral Reef
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This guy's a little shy!
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Reef and Fish

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