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Live Picture from Cancun, Mexico...
Updated every 30 minutes, or so!

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Cancun (shaped like a "7") & Isla Mujares
at the top...Cozumel at the bottom.
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Cancun, Mexico -- It's starting to look an awful lot like Las Vegas! The ship's tender boat holds hundreds of passengers, so if you get there early...you'll have to wait for it to fill up. If you're on a ship-sponsored excursion (as we were), it's nice -- no hassle with getting tender tickets.

Cancun, Mexico - 2004
Friday, November 26th
bullet In the late 1960s Isla Cancún was a sliver of sand visited only by local fisherfolk and a few gringo adventurers...Now, look at it!
A huge snowbird mecca...and the "temporary home" of our Motley Crew!
bullet Please check back for images of Cancun, and Isla Mujares (which, via ship excursion, will host Melayne, Steve and Matthew for shopping, sand and sunshine!
bullet Unfortunately, due to it's proximity to Gulfshore currents, the cruise ship misses this port 50 to 75% of the time. Hopefully, we'll be lucky!
Frank, Lillian and Dorothy have scheduled a trip in a "Nautibus"...a glass-bottom boat with a beautiful view of the reef system offshore of Cancun!

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Frank, Lil and Dorothy on their way to their Nautibus excursion. They reported that the seas were very rough, but they saw lots of fish from the glass bottom boat!
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Mamie is set for her excursion, "Avalon Beach Resort and Shopping" on Isla Mujares!
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We took a tender from the ship to Cancun (30 minutes) then a boat from Cancun -- past the ship -- to Isla Mujares (30 minutes). Once there, it was all worth it!
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The King's Swimming Pool (Piscina del Rey) at Avalon Beach Bay... A natural rock and coral pool that guests may swim in! The waves come crashing over the back wall... Too Cool!


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Melayne in front of the Avalon Bay and Beach Resort... You can rent golf carts to get around Isla Mujares, or take cheap cab trips (if you know where you want to go). Since we didn't know much, we grabbed a map and explored. It's very easy to get around, and we felt safe all day...
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Shopping was outstanding on Isla Mujares...some of the cheapest prices we found all week! And, everything was at a slower pace...not nearly as much "hawking" of goods. We said it was like a little version of Santa Fe in Mexico!!
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Mamie with her new friends at the Sunrise Grille...YUMMY! The best Chimichanga I've ever had... great Fish Tacos...and wonderful Mojitos (gotta' try these in Mexico)!
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Melayne waits for our trip back to the ship via Cancun (were we going to beat the aproaching storm clouds?) We would come back here in a heartbeat!
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Matthew and Melayne at Avalon Bay Beach Resort. We didn't take advantage of it (much!), but this excursion included free drinks at the resort all day. We did try the Cabana Colada -- a pina colada "floated" on a shot of Kahlua! Bottled water and non-alcoholic beverages were also free. A $15 buffet (that looked GREAT) was available, or you could order off the menu. We chose to eat at Sunset Grille on Playa Norte.
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We thought this was a terrific day -- loved the slower pace of Isla Mujares. The excursion was well run, and the crew of the Cancun to Isla vessel (and back) were professional and very curteous. Highly recommended excursion!!!
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The boat trip back was "a little" less scenic!!
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Matthew forgot it was raining, when the "sombrero'ed" crew came through with tequila!
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We got soaked on the way home! A shower system moved into the Yucatan Peninsula just as we were leaving Isla Mujares! With the 1-hour commute from Isla to Cancun to the ship, we were exposed to some of the Yucatan's "liquid sunshine"!

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