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"Live" Webcam of NOLA Port...Refreshes Every Minute, so keep an eye out for our departure or arrival!!! The Norwegian Dream will be the ship "in the back"...the one in the foreground is the Carnival Conquest, or at least that's what it should be...

A view from the front of our ship. Are we docked or on our way down the Mississippi??

Hilton Riverside
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The Cruise Terminal in front of the Hilton Riverside.
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Area Map showing the Hilton, Harrah's and the Cruise Terminal on the Mississippi River. The area to the right of the Cruise Terminal is the Riverwalk Mall.

New Orleans, Louisiana - 2004
Saturday, November 21st
bullet We had wondeful flight, and used the Airport Shuttle to get downtown. Since we had a group of eight, the fare was $20-roundtrip/per person. They will pick us up when we disembark at 10:15 upon our return. Quite a service...even helped with our luggage, and for all of you cruisers, you know what a chore that can be!
bullet The Hilton Riverwalk is connected to the Rivercenter Mall, which is connected to the Cruise Ship Terminal (do I feel a song coming on???) It's quite a hike through the mall, so we're planning on walking about 2 blocks with our luggage to access the terminal, without scaring any shoppers! The mall is wonderful...great food court! But, the Bread Pudding at Mulate's (directly across from the Cruise Terminal) was everyones' favorite! Great cajun music, too...but, arrive early -- it gets packed fast!
bullet Harrah's Casino is huge... and they can enlarge it even more with all of our donations! Actually, Dorothy, Melayne and Frank all left with a little padding in their pockets. The rest of us are happy to get free food the rest of the week, as we might have problems scraping-up enough change for even a McBurger!
bullet I know I promised photos...but we were never really together at the same time... Here's a shot of a few of us in front of the Royal Caribbean International's "Grandeur of the Seas" that cruised from our dock today! We'll try to add a photo of us at Mulate's tomorrow, if I can get Mamie to surrender her memory stick! Remember, you can click on most of these images for a close up!
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Dorothy, Melayne, Lillian, Frank and Steve
bullet A special tip: Never travel with Melayne! She is such a magnet for the needy... She offered Dorothy's cell phone to an elderly lady in the Houston Airport to call her family in New Orleans. After several wrong numbers, I think she finally gave up... The running joke ALL DAY: Melayne would tell Dorothy she found someone else who needed to make a call! Later at the casino, one of the cocktail waitresses came to Melayne and asked, "Ma'am, did you lose your cell phone?" We doubled over with laughter...ah, the irony!
bullet Gambler Update: Steve made "a little" on a last-minute, late night trip to the casino. He seems to have a better attitude about New Orleans now... Also, grand planner that he is, Steve has tentatively arranged for a Bellman from our hotel to cart our luggage to the cruise ship terminal! Wow, this is really turning out to be a stress-free event!

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Saturday, November 21st
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Melayne, Stacy & Terry at Mulate's
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Steve and Matthew at Mulate's
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Terry & Matthew get ready for sailaway! (BA Balcony)
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Mamie and Matthew on Stacy & Terry's Balcony (BA Category)
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A nice birthday surprise for Lillian. Frank looks on in the CC Category stateroom.
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The webmaster...Matthew in the AB Penthouse 9002, "The Cancun Suite"
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Lots of seating area in The Cancun Suite!

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Couch pulls out for another double bed.

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Mamie on the small wraparound balcony in front of The Cancun Suite. (AB Category)
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It's a Race!
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