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Live Picture from Cozumel, Mexico...
Updated every 30 minutes, or so!

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Dorothy and Melayne in front of the deep turquoise blue waters of Cozumel.
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Melayne, Steve and Dorothy on the dock in Cozumel.

Cozumel, Mexico - 2004
Tuesday, November 23rd

bullet Cozumel was a small fishing village until the 60's, when Jacques Cousteau filmed and aired a documentary about Cozumel's amazing sealife and reef system...The rest, as they say, was history!
bullet Millions of tourists visit Cozumel each year...a real hot spot, along with Cancun, for Spring Break partiers, too.
bullet Our humble crew of Terry, Matthew, Lillian, Frank and Steve visited the CruiseCritic.com highly recommended "Paradise Beach". We were greeted by manager, Tom -- what a wonderful person. He definitely has to have the best job on the island. FYI, CruiseCritic folks...he says he LOVES the Campbell's Chunky Soup that you've been bringing him! See below for more beautiful photos...
bullet There was also alot of shopping going on! Lillian, Frank, Dorothy, Melayne and Stacy were seen hopping from shop-to-shop. Great shopping is easily found within walking distance of the ship.
Steve, Melayne, Terry, Stacy and Matthew went on the Catamaran Snorkel and Beach Party excursion. The boat filled up from our ship's dock... took us to a snorkeling area about 15 minutes away. We were basically dropped into the water (about 75 folks on our boat), which was 20 to 30 feet deep. You could see small schools of fish and coral "way down there", but all-in-all...the excursion wasn't all that exciting. We all got kicked by (and kicked) other snorkelers, the instructions were vague... "someone" in our group tried to swim to the wrong ship (2 huge groups were doing it at the same time -- both coming coming from identical catamarans). The beach party was fun...the $8 burgers were tasty, free beer, sodas and margaritas. The ride back to the ship was "interesting"... one large party from our ship decided it would be fun to pull each others pants down. At least that gave us a little comic relief (we saw it all...) After all was said and done, we would have preferred to stay at Paradise Beach. We were stressed out after the snorkel, and can see why the offer the free drinks: to calm you down and help you forget what an awful snorkeling experience it was!
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Yes, we survived the snorkel!
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Drowned Rat? No, just Mamie after a rough snorkel. But, she fared better than some...???

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Steve, Stacy and Melayne the catamaran, soaking up that Cozumel sunshine.
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Terry is almost as tall as our sail...
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A catamaran (with only 25 folks aboard) passes us in front of Paradise Beach. This excursion really made us long for Paradise (Beach, that is!)
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Sea Anemone and a fish from our fun snorkel at Paradise Beach.
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Paradise Beach... they've got it all.

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An old anchor and some fish at Paradise Beach.

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Steve: Relaxing...or in disguise?
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This is more like the Steve we all know! And this answers the Cruise Critic question: Does Paradise Beach have any hammocks?

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Melayne before our trip on the Catamaran Snorkel and Beach Party Excursion

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Terry was able to avoid the others fins, 'cause he "knows how it should be done"!
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A photo from the coral "way down there" on our Catamaran Excursion.
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Mamie, just before the ship set sail... Now, stop standing there, and get to the ship!
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Matthew, with his "always fashionable" NCL neckware! Future cruisers, be sure and buy a lanyard with a detachable clip... you will always know where you stateroom card is, and can easily remove it when you board the vessel...or in Matt's case, charge cocktails to the room!
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Stacy trying to find a new way out of her stateroom! She and Terry loved the balcony, enjoying the sea air and views of passing ships!

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