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Things we can do on the ship:
bullet Three swimming pools, Jogging track, fitness center...
bullet Internet cafe, ice cream bar, library/card room...
bullet The Galleria Shops, Mandera Spa & Salon...
bullet Monte Carlo Casino, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs...
bullet Liquor tasting, wine tasting, cooking classes, food, food and more food...
bullet Art auctions, bingo, shuffleboard, basketball, golf, brain teasers, trivia contests & game shows...
bullet Jean Ann Ryan Company shows: "Rock This Town" (Fosse-style show)
bullet Casino: Steve won 2nd in the blackjack tournament. The team of Matthew, Dorothy and Melayne won the Music Trivia contest (I won't brag, but someone on our team was "outstanding"). Steve won 3rd in "The Ryder Cup" putting tournament. Stacy and Terry won 3rd in the Shuffleboard Teams contest. Stacy got commendation for being "the best" in her aerobics class.
bullet Fitness at Seas program: most of us earned a t-shirt by completing 12 fitness tasks. However, Matthew was a big cheat and corrputed everyone aboard! For his second task, he left his "punch card" with Melayne and took a 15-minute nap, then returned to "collect" his event credit (Shuffleboard). For the Stair Climb Matthew, Melayne and Dorothy were to go up and down the stairs from the 12th deck to the 4th deck three times (8 stories...basically, 3 times!). We walked from 12 to 4...then got on the elevator to 9, got off and walked up to 11. After a couple of these "1/2-way attempts", we claimed our credits. We all enjoyed the daily 1-mile walks around the Promenade Deck! No cheating there, yet...but, Matt already has plans!!! UPDATE: Matt walked two miles (instead of one) on the next morning to make up for his big cheat! Dorothy, Melayne and Matthew have all qualified for the free t-shirt!!! So, no more fitness!


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One of the pools as we sailed toward the Gulf on Sunday Night.
Click this (and most other pix) for a close-up.
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Now, THAT'S What I am Talking About!
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The famous NCL Chocoholic Buffet (postponed one day due to Thanksgiving) was held from 11PM to Midnight on Friday..
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All sorts of treats, deserts and cakes...
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...the common denominator: Chocolate!
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The decorations were beautful, but the chocolate was better!

Excursions and Activities at Port (see individual port pages for details/reviews and photos):
bullet Harrah's Casino in New Orleans
bullet Catamaran Snorkel and Beach Party in Cozumel
bullet Paradise Beach in Cozumel
bullet Shopping on the dock in Belize...and ATV Rainforest Excursion
bullet Avalon Beach Break and Shopping in Cancun on Isla Mujares. Glass Bottom Nautibus excursion in Cancun.
bullet Victor Bodden tour of Roatan, Honduras (www.boddentours.com)
bullet Tabanya Beach in Roatan


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