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"Live" Webcam Image from Petersburg, Alaska toward the Inside Passage.
Located on the Inside Passage half way between Juneau (to the North) and Ketchikan!

The Inside Passage

"The Inside Passage gives the most complete overview of the communities and surrounding wilderness preserves and parks in Southeast Alaska. Almost every popular small town in Southeast Alaska will be a part of an an Inside Passage itinerary, introducing you to Alaska’s state capitol, a Norwegian fishing village, a native town, towns built on the timber industry, the gold of rush of 1898, and the historic Russian capitol of Sitka.
The level of variety and charm within the Inside Passage will leave you never knowing what to expect in the next port of call, each with its own charm, character and history. Some destinations can only be visited by a small ship, giving you a real look at these wilderness towns. Cruise West, for example, will give you every opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultures and communities of Southeast Alaska in the most intimate way possible.

While not in port, you will visit some of the most pristine and dramatic wilderness areas and parks, such as Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Misty Fjords National Monument, and Tracy Arm Wilderness Area. These are amongst the most dramatic locations you can explore in southeast Alaska, offering the most dramatic views of glaciers and sheer granite walls reaching 3,000 feet out of the water.

Many photographic opportunities will exist in the Inside Passage. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and you have opportunities to spot mountain goats, bears, whales, porpoise, sea otters, dolphin, and moose.

While visiting many of these ports, there are very special opportunities to take advantage of. This includes kayaking, hiking, biking, visits to museums and native cultural centers, flight seeing, river rafting, train rides, dog mushing and ice climbing, street walks, and taste testing."

-- from www.AlaskaCruises.com

Inside Passage
Sunday, May 28, 2006
Friday, June 2, 2006

bulletHere are a few things that we "know" we will get around to! Plans change, but keep an eye here for images of our through the Inside Passage...
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Remember: You can click on "most" images on our OnTheSeas site for a Close-Up view!
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We've seen lots of these...for our friends from Texas, they're called "mountains", and the white stuff on top is called "snow"!
Sunrise over the Inside Passage!
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We've had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the world passing by on our Alaskan cruise aboard the Norweigan Sun.
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Persistence pays off...Matt sees the first Humpback of the trip! We've also seen lots of Bald Eagles, a sea otter or two and lots of Pacific Whitesided Dolphins.
Steve paid attention at the lifeboat drill...
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The Partridge Family prepares for their show. Actually, we're in the entrance to the Stardust Theatre.
After a morning of wildlife spotting, Olna takes a break...exclaiming, "Brrrr, I'm warm!" We're afraid the fresh Alaskan air has "got to her"!
NO Photo yet, but STEVE won 2nd Place in the Texas Hold-em Tournament...$150! Yippeeee! He's busy signing autographs, so we haven't been able to get his photo!
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A Bald Eagle HERE... Really!... Just click the photo for a close-up!
Once you see the Eagle, you'll easily see the dolphin in this picture!
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The jogging track is a bit empty today?!?
For more images, check the Photo Gallery...
or click here for our Webshots Album, and select the Inside Passage page.

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