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"Live" EarthCam Image from Ketchikan... Refreshes every 20 Seconds!

"Ketchikan is an ancient city that is both fascinating and enjoyable. Even though there are some American restaurants and stores, (and it is part of the States, of course), it is certainly not your typical American town. If Anchorage is at one end of the Alaskan spectrum, you will definitely find Ketchikan at the other end. This small city contains more totem poles than anywhere in the world, and is set at the base of Deer Mountain.

Back in the 1930's, Ketchikan was fondly known as the salmon-canning capital of the world. While this may no longer be true, the salmon fishing remains outstanding.

Just before the beginning of the 20th century, a series of gold discoveries brought vast numbers of immigrants to the area. This created two important industries that strengthened the economy in Ketchikan: commercial fishing and lumber. The region prospered for a while, but suffered an economic depression after the gold dried up, and the immigrants were left with no more than when they came. Many of them left and went to other parts of Alaska where they could find work.

The city is quite compact and you can see most of it on foot. There are numerous stores that offer unique arts and crafts, jewelry, and other specialty items that are made by hand in Ketchikan. There are great trails for hiking and exploring, and a wide array of outdoor sports and activities is offered as well. A few restaurants will fill you up with hearty, quality food, but your options are definitely limited. While the nightlife and eating facilities are not bustling, it doesn't really matter, because Ketchikan is charming enough that its visitors don't need to be wined and dined.

Ketchikan's charm is complemented by Mother Nature, who relies on the intrinsic beauty of the region to captivate tourists."

-- from www.AlaskaCruises.com


Monday, May 29, 2006
7AM to 3PM

bulletHere are a few things that we did on our day to Ketchikan!
Click for Close Up
Click for Close Up
Welcome to Ketchikan!
Saxman Native Village...home of the world's largest collection of standing totem poles. We watched two of the Tlinget master carvers and learned about their native culture and traditions.
Click for Close Up
Click for Close Up
Tribal house at Saxman!
The Tlingets in the tribal home...Oops, that's Nicole, Ryan and Aunt Linda!
Click for Close Up
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OK, we told you there were bald eagles! We finally found one that enjoyed posing for the camera...
Mom and a Totem at Saxman!
Click for Close Up
Click for Close Up
Ketchikan's Famous Creek Street...Ketchikan's historic wooden street built on piers along the banks of Ketchikan Creek. A pleasant stroll will took us past Dolly's House, the infamous brothel that operated during the days when Creek Street was called "the red light district". Woo Hoo!
From Creek Street, we went up the hill and snapped this great shot of the NCL Sun in the Ketchikan harbor.
...and, of course, there will be lots of Bald Eagles around the Salmon Cannery! This is a live webcam of a Bald Eagle's nest...not in Ketchikan, but use your imagination!
For more images, check the Photo Gallery...
or click here for our Webshots Album, and select the Ketchikan page.

Click for Ketchikan, Alaska Forecast



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