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"Live" Webcam Image from Juneau... Looking North towards the Downtown from the Docks!
Remember: You can click on "most" images on our OnTheSeas site for a Close-Up view!

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"Live" Webcam Image from Juneau... Looking South towards the Cruise Ship Docks!

"Juneau is the third most populated city in Alaska, and it is the capital of this great state. Located in the Southeast region of Alaska, Juneau is a wonderful vacation spot full of fun activities, fascinating sites, extraordinary museums, and tasty eateries.

The shopping in Juneau is fantastic, and the layout of the city is one of interesting complexity. Juneau combines ancient Alaskan traditions with Western commercialism and bustling city life. This is a very popular area, especially during peak ski and fishing seasons. The hiking in Juneau is terrific, as is the shopping. The wide array of stores offer unique-to-Juneau artwork and handicrafts of particularly high quality.

In the summer this city is definitely the most popular destination in Alaska for cruise passengers from the United States mainland. There are a number of spectacular art galleries and specialty stores very much like those in many big cities. But, if it is remote and isolated wilderness you are in search of, Juneau will be more than happy to comply. There are great hiking areas, plenty of ocean for sea kayaking expeditions, and wonderful trails for mountain biking and other outdoor activities.

The population here is 300,000, but during the off-peak season, Juneau seems like a quaint little town with limited growth potential because of the area's geography, comprised of impenetrable natural barriers. Mount Roberts and Mount Juneau surround the small city, and avalanche threats have prevented any true expansion.

The Juneau Ice field is a site that demands a visit; it too has hindered the growth of Juneau. Efforts to brave the mountains or forge the Ice field in hopes of expanding the city are just not feasible. Perhaps this is nature's way of telling the local government to leave this exquisite town just as it is."

-- from www.AlaskaCruises.com


Tuesday, May 30, 2006
7AM to 2PM

bulletWe LOVED Juneau...and were awe-inspired each step along our way on this day!
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Harv & Marv's Whale Watching Expedition! The highlight of our trip...the best whale watching trip Matt or Steve has ever taken! Of course, this is not us in the boat (we did not have time to swim out to snap a photo like this!!!)
Linda, Ryan and Nicole saw lots of whales on their whale watching excursion...PLUS, a trip to Mendenhall Glacier! They had a wonderful time...and learned so much. And, yes, Linda is keeping them dressed warmly!!
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Bald Eagles everywhere! For more images, check the Photo Gallery
One of many whale tails we saw...along with sea lions, harbor seals, Bald Eagles, coastal birds of all types, a soft-shelled crab...so many things! All that, plus a special treat of warm cookies delivered via kayak! Thanks for everything Harv & Marv's!
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Searching for the Humpback's spray! Be sure to check out Harv & Marv's website: Harv & Marv's Whale Watching Expedition They have some amazing photos from their daily trips (plus, it saves me the 75-cents per minute internet charge for uploading photos!)
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Caribou Crossings! This is where Olna bought another handmade Alaskan Santas...and Mamie picked-up her Birch Snowmen...and where Matt & Steve ran up their AMEX cards! After shopping, M, M, S & O boarded a smaller 100-passenger boat en route to Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier!
One of hundreds of big icebergs that we traveled by, between and around!
For more images, check the Photo Gallery...
or click here for our Webshots Album, and select the Juneau page.

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Our Images from Juneau will be posted below. For more images, check the Photo Gallery.


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