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"Live" Webcam Image from Prince Rupert...
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"Prince Rupert is at the center of an amazingly scenic area and has much to offer travelers. Ecotourism has taken off, sport fishing is excellent, and the town is a convenient hub for exploring the sights of the Pacific Northwest. There are many tours including the Museum of Northern British Columbia, Pike Island Archeological Tour, North Pacific Cannery, and a variety of harbor and other activities to keep you busy.

Located on the beautiful North Coast of British Columbia, Prince Rupert (pop.15,000). At the west end of Trans-Canada Highway 16 (the Yellowhead Highway), Prince Rupert is approximately 150 km west of Terrace, and 725 km west of Prince George. It is situated 550 miles north of Vancouver and 40 miles south of southeast Alaska. The area is one of the oldest continuously occupied regions of the world with a vast First Nations history.

The City was incorporated in March 10, 1910. Born from the vision of Charles Hays, president of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Prince Rupert was chosen as the western terminus of Canada’s second transcontinental railroad . During WWII the city served both Canada and the United States as a strategic military post. An estimated 150,000 Canadian and US troops passed through the city.

The Tsimshian Nation is the indigenous First Nations in the Prince Rupert area. The people of the Northwest Coast have developed their own unique artistic style, and you will find many fine works on display in area museums, galleries and shops. As you will see when you visit, First Nations have a proud history on the northwest coast and have retained and reclaimed their living culture.

The Port of Prince Rupert's strategic location on international trade corridors makes it an essential link in the global transportation and international trade network. Modern terminals, fast turnaround, on-time delivery capabilities, and vast industrial development properties on tidewater open new opportunities for shippers and producers. Superior road and rail connections provide easy access to the entire North American continent. With the deepest harbour in North America and year-round ice-free facilities, the Port of Prince Rupert offers safe harbour and cost-effective advantages to shippers across the globe."

-- from www.AlaskaCruises.com


Prince Rupert
Thursday, June 1, 2006
4PM to 9PM

bulletHere are a few pix of our quick stop in Canada...Prince Rupert...
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Great pubs lined Cow Bay -- the dairy farmers used to bring their cows to town, dump them off the shore and let them swim to land! Udderly crazy!
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Sunrise outside of Prince Rupert
What a pretty little town in British Columbia...this is Prince Rupert!
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Melayne finds a Canadian Mountie.
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The guys waiting on the shoppers...AGAIN!
The NCL Sun docked...the folks were so friendly at Prince Rupert!
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Ahhhhh, all this and the Midnight Chocoholic Buffet!
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