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"Live" Webcam of Seattle Waterfront...This image automatically refreshes.
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The Space Needle
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The Seattle Space Needle
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Another "Live" Webcam of Seattle...This image automatically refreshes every 5 minutes.
"Seattle has exploded from a small West Coast town known for bad weather into a bustling powerhouse on the Pacific Rim known for espresso. The city of Pearl Jam and Frasier Crane has undergone quite a transformation over the last couple of decades. Starbucks and Microsoft have headquarters in the region, bringing jobs and prosperity with them.
With growth comes headaches, of course, and Seattle has had its share. The city's infrastructure was not designed to hold so many people, and the same people who used to snicker at the traffic jams of New York and Los Angeles now find themselves in the same boat.

That's not to say that Seattle doesn't have a lot of other advantages. The city itself is positively beautiful, with lots of greenery. It's a perfect town for a walk, as long as it's not raining. Of course, Seattle also boasts of one of the more recognizable symbols in the world, the Space Needle. The view from the top is simply breathtaking.

Downtown Seattle is where you will probably spend most of your day. The area has undergone a renaissance, with new shops and restaurants opening up around every corner, seemingly every day. A gorgeous art museum and a new ballpark, Safeco Field, have helped to attract this sprawling city back inward. Pioneer Square, which used to be a ghost town, has become the hip place to be after hours.

Seattle has been able to combine a small-town neighborliness with all of the cultural advantages of a big city. This unique dichotomy has attracted more and more tourists, as well as more and more residents."

-- from www.AlaskaCruises.com

Friday, May 26, 2006
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Saturday, June 3, 2006

bulletThursday in Seattlebullet
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We headed straight to Von's Grand City Cafe (a place we visit with each Seattle trip!) A great dining room covered in Beer Taps...they're everywhere...even on the ceiling!
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Scary thought of the day: Melayne is in charge of the "Cab Pool". We each put $20 in the pool to pay for our cab trips...well, somehow, Mamie has appointed herself Cab Goddess. We have already threatened her with "spot audits", so she's counting pennies. However, as you can see in the photo above, she's not counting calories! This is the wonderful Caramel Taste-of-Honey desert with a buenelo ring and butter creme caramel from Von's. Pretty tasty stuff!
bulletFriday in Seattlebullet
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Olna took time to stop and smell the roses! They were as big as dinner plates...OK, maybe salad plates...oherwise, mom's head would be the size of a serving platter!
After a moment of confusion involving an out-of-service elevator and a misplaced kid in the stairwell (of course, the kids knew exactly where they were) we all gathered together in the shadows of the Space Needle on the way to breakfast at the Hurricane cafe.
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Matt has his luggage ready for the trip... OK, this is really Melayne and Olna's luggage...
Still lying... this is Olna, Melayne, Steve and Matt's luggage. Do you think we forgot anything?!
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With all of the flowers, fresh veggies, and artisans, you know we had lots of fun at the Pike Place Market. We even got to enjoy some of the famous Seattle "Liquid Sunshine"!
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"FINALLY, Linda is letting us eat!"
Nicole and Ryan were tired after a day at the Space Needle and the Seattle Aquarium.
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Well, there is lots of food in front of us...so, we must be on the ship!
A Mother/Daughter toast as we sail out of Seattle!
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Ryan thinks cruising on the Sun is cool!
These two sophisticated ladies are ready for their Alaskan Adventure to begin.
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So Long, Seattle...See you next Saturday!
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