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"Live" Webcam Image from Mendenhall Glacier
in Juneau, Alaska...Not Sawyer Glacier, but still a cool webcam!

Here's the ship's webcam again, so you can see the glacier, too (if it's Tuesday Afternoon/Evening!)

"Tracy Arm Fjord is perhaps one of the most dramatic locations in all of North America. Completely protected within the Tongass National Forest, this fjord stretches some 25 miles up into the Coastal Range Mountains.

Tracy Arm Fjord is home to Sawyer Glacier. Though it's not as well known as Glacier Bay, some naturalists claim Sawyer Glacier is even more spectacular. Framed by 7,000-foot-high snowcapped mountains, which drop immediately to sea level. The area is surrounded by sheer 1,500-to 2,000-foot walls of granite falling into the extremely narrow passage, creating countless waterfalls and strange rock formations covered in forest, and trees hanging on to precipices at impossible angles.

Sawyer Glacier boasts an impressive list of wildlife: black and brown bears, deer, wolves and moose. Even mountain goats, which usually keep to higher elevations, have been seen near its base."

-- from www.AlaskaCruises.com

Sawyer Glacier
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
2PM to 8PM

bulletHere are some images of our trip to Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier...
Click for Close Up
Click for Close Up
Remember: You can click on "most" images on our OnTheSeas site for a Close-Up view!

Tracy Arm Fjord and Glacier Explorer Excursion: "This narrow fjord twists and turns for over 30 miles, culminating in a spectacular view of the twin tidewater Sawyer Glaciers. Your captain will navigate as close as the ice floe allows, stopping for an extended stay at the face of the glacier. Watch for seals relaxing on the icebergs, bald eagles soaring above the cliffs and many other animals that call this area home. Learn about the natural history of the fjord, its glaciers and the wildlife from our onboard naturalist. Gain insights into Tlingit Native culture. Overcast days will not dampen your enjoyment as clouds and mist only heighten the drama of the fjord and intensify the glacial blue color." At the conclusion of the excursion, passengers will be required to "Walk to Gangplank" back to their ship! (OK, so I embelish!!)

Well, that's just about what we did! We were told that our trip was the first of the 2006 Season to actually make it through the ice to the glacier face!

Click for Close Up
Click for Close Up
Matthew's favorite...South Sawyer Glacier! We didn't make it up to the face of this one because of heavy ice, but did enjoy a quick glimpse up the fjord toward the twin glacier!
After steering through the ice bergs and chunks, we made it to North Sawyer Glacier!
Click for Close Up
Click for Close Up
Birds catch a ride on an iceberg in Sawyer Glacier! For more great photos, check out Harv & Marv's Tracy Arm Photos.
Mama & Baby Seals... they were everywhere on the ice chunks!
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Remember: You can click on "most" images on our OnTheSeas site for a Close-Up view!
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Waterfalls covered the sides of Tracy Arm Fjord. What an awesome trip!
Tracy Arm Fjord and Glacier Explorer -- NCL Sun Excursion. We'll sailed in a "small" boat to the face of the "twin" North Sawyer -- and then re-boarded our ship in the Fjord. Good thing mom had "new-knees" or that gangplank from the explorer vessel to the cruise ship might have been a hugh leap (literally!!)
For more images, check the Photo Gallery...
or click here for our Webshots Album, and select the Tracy Arm Fjord / Sawyer Glacier page.

Click for Juneau, Alaska Forecast



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